Pest control solutions from Kelly Spraying.

Comprehensive Pest Control in Katherine

Kelly Spraying can diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of pests. We service homes and businesses throughout Katherine and the Northern Territory. Read on to find out more about the types of pests we can provide management services for.


Although some bees sting, they are not considered to be pests as they play an important role in the Australian environment as key pollinators of many native plant species.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles damage fabrics that contain wool, silk, hair, bristles, fur or feathers. They can be brought into the house in cut flowers.

Clothes Moths

Although less common, clothes moths are commonly experienced in similar environments to carpet beetles, namely woollen materials, felt, fur and other animal materials. 


Lice are small, wingless insects that are parasites of birds and mammals. They are usually less than 10 millimetres long and rarely seen without a microscope or magnifying glass.


This includes many familiar insects such as mosquitoes, midges, sand flies, houseflies and blowflies. Mosquitoes spread malaria in many underdeveloped countries.


When conditions are favourable, their numbers can increase to plague levels. 


Australia has over 12,000 species of wasps, ranging from the tiny priid wasps that are barely visible to the naked eye, to the spider and cicada-killer wasps, capable of taking large prey. 


Woodborer are insects which damage wood by tunnelling at the larval (grub) stage for food or leaving an emergence hole on the surface of the wood after becoming an adult (beetle).

Wood Rot

This fungi usually reside in poorly ventilated subfloors, below wet areas of the home, exterior timbers and in areas that retain water in the soil. They can lead to destruction of the affected timbers.

Fully Qualified to Treat a Range of Pests

We inspect for termites, ants, fire ants, spiders, bees, wasps, carpet beetles, clothes moths, mosquitoes, wood borers, wood rot, cockroaches, fleas, lice, rodents and silverfish.
Our specialty area of expertise is termites, which are one of the most destructive pests in the country, and can cause unbelievable structural damage to Australian homes and businesses.
Our technicians are fully licensed, with qualifications including:

  • Open Pest Control License (K155PMT).
  • University of Newcastle Professional Development Workshop for AS 4349.3 Timber Pest Inspection.
  • HIA Common Safety Induction Course NT0015.
  • First Aid Certificate.
  • Ochre card.

We are also members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, and have completed the National Competency Standards for the control of timber pests, including inspection and application of pesticides.

Pest control solutions from Kelly Spraying.
Pest control solutions from Kelly Spraying.

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